Our Business

Our Business

As the owner and exclusive distributor of this brand, our core business activities are manufacturing and supplying a various range of insect repellents, and still expanding towards diversing into various other household and personal care products under AFY Haniff brand.


Our product range are created with a philosophy to provide safe, healthy, sustainable, & hassle free product to the consumer. Over one million pieces of our products are annually produced in our Melaka based factory and this amount is still ever increasing.

Supplier & Distributor

We are the main supplier and distributor of SWiPEL Serai Wangi, D’menc, Fabric Wangi, 40 DAYS, and Plash brands under FMCG category in many hypermarkets, wholesaler and others. All of our goods must undergo internal Quality Assurance (QA) test, prior to delivery to our retail partner’s distribution centers.

Merchandiser & Marketer

Our products are easily accessible to customer by being made available in many AFY Haniff’s retail partners such as Tesco, Giant, Jaya Grocer and many more. Our team are committed to make our promotional campaign and marketing to reach all customer.



Now available in Singapore, Brunei & Thailand, AFY Haniff are always looking forward in partnering with international importers with these safe and fast selling products. Strict only for legal export, we aims for these quality household products to reach international market at affordable price with maximum profit possible.